About Us

We work hard, we make stuff.

Our Team


David McNeill

David McNeill is the creative director and lead writer at Dcm.Works. He's writer and edits most content you see.


Ben Hill

Ben Hill is the cohost of Art For Artists and a producer at Dcm.Works. He teaches software engineering and makes games in his spare time.


Scott Heiner

Scott is the cohost of Phone A Friend at Dcm.Works. He's a musician, cosplayer, Nintendo enthusiast and streams in his free time.


Laura Berger

Laura is a friend of the show and occasional guest on Art For Artists. She helps remind the gang that they're just people yelling at the internet.

Daniel Larsen Sound

Daniel Larsen

Daniel composes the music for The Antagonist and Art For Artists. He's a talented musician


Crystal Htay

Crystal does all of the cover art and illustrations for Dcm.Works. She's a game artist and does commission work in her free time.



Culveyhouse is a some time guest of The Antagonist on Dcm.Works, and hosts let's plays by David and Ben on his Youtube channel.